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冉色斯ContentAsia 九月份的專訪。

ContentAsia's INproduction looks at local production houses, what they're making
and what they're thinking.

冉色斯ContentAsia 九月份的專訪。

Xanthus Digital Picture Ltd (Taiwan)

Elevator pitch Taiwanese production house Xanthus focuses on developing and producing full 3D
animation and character design. Mostly involved in animation for kids. Very keen on regional and
international co-production.

Most recently in the headlines for... Selling Traces, a co-pro with Swiss animation studio
Animagination, to global channel KidsCo. Traces is KidsCo's first Chinese animated acquisition.

Who's who Bruce Yao, CEO; Chris Woo, executive producer; So.a, creative director; Dennis Cai,
animation director

Full time employees 25

Production hours a year 312 mins TV content

Budgets about US$1.5 million per TV season

Equipment and facilities 3D software: Maya.2D software: Photoshop, Aftereffect. Editing film
software: Adobe Premiere. Develops render farm management system in-house. Has 50 PC
workstation computers. HD capabilities: 3 PC workstations and HD monitor, AdobePremiere editing.

Recent productions Traces (2010), 24x13 mins. Synopsis: A time-travelling adventure that opens
when highway construction near the village of Cat-Mountain uncovers an ancient cave filled with
skeletons. Carla and Toni follow the cat and the crow into the cave, and enter a world of 400 years
ago, filled with beauty but also the cruelty of colonising forces against Aboriginal culture. The cat
becomes Ona, the incarnation of good, who fights on the side of the Aboriginals. The crow
transforms into the three-eyed Corbu, the cruel governor of the ancient island and incarnation of
evil. Carla and Toni become involved in the struggle between good and evil, using their modern
knowledge to help the oppressed people of the 17th century. They also learn from the ancient
inhabitants the importance of respecting nature, protecting the environment, and how to master
present problems and create a better future with experiences from the past.
Yameme (2011) 26x12 mins. The story of cheerful and mischievous Yameme and shy prince
Demio takes place in a world of monsters where there are only two cities – one in the East and
one in the West. The huge cultural differences create many conflicts. Trying to solve the problem,
Western prince Demio relocates to the lively Yama City in the East as a diplomat. There he lives
with all kinds of Chinese monsters ruled by Chinese Monster King Yama and his daughter
Yameme. Through Demio and Yameme's adventures, audiences see how earthquakes are caused
by an underground bull monster, and how a flying dog causes moon eclipses, and also how
Yamemehelps the Monkey King rescue his master. Winner of Asia Television Forum SuperPitch.


Co-produces with Swiss Animagination, Swiss maunoir studio, Malaysia Frame Motion.


Rights arrangements Keep all rights and distributes its own content with partners such as Allrights
Entertainment (film), Portico Media (VOD), Imagic Media (DVD marketing), Icon Connecting
Creativity (merchandise), Ching Win Publishing Group (publishing)


Thanks... among others, the Taiwan government's Industrial Development Bureau and
Government Information Office for its support in growing the business from a service outfit to
developing its own content and brands.


What would you most like to see happen in Asia's production industry?
"In recent years, there are many companies working hard on developing content for their own
animation in the Chinese animation industry. I hope that in the near future, among the Chinese
animation industry, star corporations similar to Disney, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks will
be born." Bruce Yao, CEO


If there was one thing you would do to make a positive difference to local production in Asia,
what would it be?
"I would like to develop animation with African content because African culture is full of exoticism
to us. African art and imagery have great potential to be developed into animation. Also, Africa
might be full of business opportunities in the future, like China and India now." Bruce Yao, CEO


What's the hardest part (if there is one) of producing television content in Asia?
"The hardest part is the content length. People demand animation to be broadcast daily instead of
weekly in Asia. It is very tough and painful for the producers and directors to quickly produce
animation in great quantities and high quality." Bruce Yao, CEO

冉色斯ContentAsia 九月份的專訪。




故事的主角東東與凱莉在一個偶然的機緣下,經由考古遺跡的隧道穿越了時空,進入一個個奇幻的 古文明國度,與正義的鬥士─「貓女歐娜」,一起對抗邪惡的總督─「烏鴉寇布」。東東和凱莉必 須協助歐娜結合動物們的力量對抗寇布的邪惡魔法,以保護善良的村民與大自然不被惡勢力所迫害。